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Brain Fingerprinting for advertising

Now you can truly measure advertising effectiveness…beyond surveys and focus groups,Advertisers want to know if their market is paying attention to their ads and if the key messages are being recalled. They want to know: Do our ads make an impact?In the past, entire research industries have attempted to analyze and evaluate what individuals retain from a media campaign, and for good reason. Individuals who retain and recall an advertising message are likely to purchase and even to become lifetime customers.But up until now, research testing has been expensive and also subjective; do you know with absolute certainty that survey and focus groups are being 100% honest?

Brain Fingerprinting introduces a whole new dimension to measuring advertising effectiveness.

Here’s how it works:

By measuring the brainwaves that reveal true brain recall, you can get a nearly perfect “read” of whether any media campaign is effective in retention. You can determine whether the company, website, pricing, and promotional information is truly recalled and glean the specific information that really stays with the customer.

Here are just some of the multiple possibilities:

• Discover what elements of the advertising or branding strategy is most often recalled.
• Discern what type of media is most effective – TV, radio, print, web banners, e-marketing, direct mail, billboards – and how the results vary with demographics.
• Learn which version of an ad or commercial is achieving the most recall impact with any given audience.
• Compare how your media campaign or brand strategy is holding up vis a vis the competition’s.
• See how various campaigns and media affect awareness of a new product or service at point-of-sale, and how frequency enters into the picture.
• Uncover how ad effectiveness varies from region to region and from country to country.
• Determine the influence of certain ads over time; for example, whether a specific advertising campaign has a strong short-term impact while another enjoys long-term retention.

Armed with this information, you can spend your advertising and media dollars more wisely and get a bigger “bang for the buck”.