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Counter Terrorism

Elevate security, efficiency and customer service levels.

Fingerscan Pty Ltd provides professional services in the areas of Biometrics and Identity Management.

With over 20 years experience in all areas of biometrics and Identity Management and 20 years experience in the Information & Communications Technology, Fingerscan can provide you with in-depth consulting on all Identity Management projects.

Clients throughout the Asia Pacific Region have contracted Fingerscan Pty Ltd to provide advice on their most complex biometric projects from Physical Access control solutions right through to complex multi-modal biometric projects for national ID involving the enrolment and the creation of multi-biometric search engines for database de-duplication.

Fingerscan has experience in the following projects throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

• National ID card projects
• Voter’s Registration Projects
• Social Security Systems
• Criminal Justice Livescan and Palmscan systems
• Police Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
• Criminal Justice Face Recognition systems
• Multi-modal Mobile Identification
• e-passport Projects
• Post Event Video Analysis systems.
• Counter Terrorism Surveillance
• Face Recognition Screening /Surveillance
• Military ID card Systems