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MXSERVER™ is a server-based system that processes vast amounts of video and photo collections quickly transforming files extracted from captured computers, cell phones, SIM cards and video surveillance systems into searchable resources. MXSERVER is enabling forensic examiners, investigators and security personnel to more efficiently and effectively analyze video and photo collections to discover, document, and disseminate information of intelligence/investigative value. The system enables real-time collaboration among users by leveraging next-generation Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing technologies – which are revolutionizing collaboration, knowledge sharing and system scalability in the public sector.

Whether the requirement is to manage and distribute large media collections via the internet, analyze video, or screen and monitor video surveillance for “persons of interest” — examiners can save time and discover new information by automatically finding, extracting and matching faces from very large media collections. MXSERVER is enabling forensic examiners, investigators and security personnel to:

Automatically extract and index faces enabling video and photo repositories to be searched biometrically or via metadata.Create and manage a web-based watch list of persons of interest (such as known or suspected terrorists).
Identify a person of interest using face recognition.Find instances of photos and videos where a person of interest has been seen and quickly review and exploit these video and photo collections to identify, locate, and track persons of interest, their associates and their activities.Discover, document and view linkages and associations (cross correlations) between persons of interest, their activities and their networks.
Automatically monitor video surveillance footage and other video for instances of persons of interest.
Automatically receive notifications when new information of interest is discovered/entered.